Maurice Steger performs almost the entire original repertoire for the recorder and continually expands his repertoire to include forgotten or re-discovered treasures of Baroque music. He always strives to present Baroque music in the appropriate social historical context.

Solo Concertos with Orchestra


Antonio Vivaldi

Concerti per Flautino C, C, G, D, G, RV 443, 444, 230, 312
Concerto per Flauto c, a, RV 441, 108
Concerti G, G, D, RV 438, 436, 429
Concerti op. 10, 1 ‚La Tempesta di Mare’, 2 ‚La Notte’, 3 ‚Il Gardellino’, 4, 5 ‚Tutti gli instrumenti con sordini’, 6
All Concerti da Camera & Concerti per molti strumenti
Double concerti with organ, oboe, flute

Johann Sebastian Bach

Brandenburgische Konzerte Nr. 2, 4, 5
All Cantatas and Sinfonias
Concert F for cembalo, 2 recorders, violins & b.c., BWV 1057
Triple concerto in a, BWV 1044
Ouverture in h, BWV 1067
double concerto d, c, BWV 1060

Giuseppe Sammartini

Concerti F, Es, D

Georg Philipp Telemann

Konzerte C, F, g, g
Ouvertüren a, F
Doppelkonzerte, e with recorder, a with Viola da Gamba, F with bassoon, B & g with recorder
Sinfonia F with Viola da Gamba

Georg Friederic Haendel

Concerts F, B, g, B, B ‚per Flautino’


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Bassoon Concerto in B, KV 191


Anton Heberle

Blockflötenkonzert G


Gordan Jacob

Suite for recorder and orchestra

Naoki Kitaya

Concert for Recorder and Orchestra

Rodolphe Schacher

(2009 – World Premiere- for Maurice Steger): Suite for recorder and symphony orchestra

Franz Furrer-Münch

(2009 – World Premiere – for Maurice Steger): concert for recorder and chamber orchestra

Victor Fortin

(2008/2010 – World Premiere – for Maurice Steger): Pinocchio Suite for recorder and small orchestra


Chamber Music

A varied repertoire with emphasis on Italian and German Baroque music, consisting of all original compositions and exciting rarities.
Recitals on demand