Collaboration with the best recorder builders

As a recorder player, Maurice Steger relies on the world’s best recorder makers, who have the expertise to craft original instruments according to Baroque designs in such a way that the instruments are also suitable for modern concert venues. The artist’s collection of over 70 instruments – which are all in different pitches and sizes, and which feature a variety of characteristics – forms the foundations of his entire recorder repertoire.

Various recorder makers have contributed to Maurice Steger’s impressive instrument collection – particularly worthy of mention is the long-standing collaboration with four Swiss recorder-making specialists, who produce instruments of many different types.


Heinz Ammann, Andreas Schwob and Küng Recorder Manufacturing Company

Heinz Ammann, who has made many original instruments according to Baroque designs; Andreas Schwob, who for many years now has specialised in the making of recorders for Renaissance and Early Baroque music (many of his instruments can be heard in the album Venezia 1625); Küng Recorder Manufacturing Company in Schaffhausen, with whom Maurice Steger has enjoyed a long-standing collaboration creating recorders with modern pitches, which he uses for playing with modern orchestras and for the Tino Flautino children’s projects.

Intensive collaboration with Ernst Meyer

Maurice Steger’s most intensive collaboration, however, is with the maître flutier Ernst Meyer. For many years now, the two have worked together time and again in search of the ideal sound, mutually encouraging and inspiring one another. This collaboration has resulted in the richest and most vibrant instruments. Ernst Meyer specialises in instruments with rare pitches, as well as in the two most popular treble recorders, made according to designs by J. Denner and P.I. Bressan, and whose sounds are uniquely rich and flexible thanks to highly specialised and micro-technically fine voicing.

Baroque Recorders:

Frederick Morgan  (AUS)

Adrian Brown (NL) 

Heinz Ammann (CH)

Shigeharu Hirao (J) 

Ralf Ehlert (D) 

Francesco Li Virghi (I) 

Ernst Meyer (CH) 

Renaissance and early Baroque:

Andreas Schwob (CH) pdf

Instruments in modern pitch:

Huber (CH) 

Moeck (D) 

Küng (CH)