Maurice Steger has produced a great collection of Solo Albums that you will find here. All recordings that he has participated in as recorder player you find in the respective section of the boutique.

Classical CD: Una follia di Napoli

Concerti e Sinfonie per Flauto, Napoli anno 1725
With works by D. Sarro, A. + D. Scarlatti, L. Leo, N. Fiorenza and others.

Sample 1
Sample 2

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Come with us on a journey to Southern Italy. As well as being Europe’s largest city, Naples in 1725 enjoyed a burgeoning cultural and musical life. Maurice Steger and his Baroque Orchestra will delight your senses and move your emotions with scenes rom the Neapolitan theatre, the spiritual home of the operatic world.

Maurice Steger presents a new recording if intimate Italian Music, following his two great successes «Venezia 1625» and «Mr Corelli in London». The works of these Neapolitan Baroque Masters will transport you to the year 1725. Maurice Steger’s stunning recorder virtuosity is accompanied by an orchestra of specialists in the Italian Baroque period. This Luxury edition includes a free 30 minute DVD with music, glimpses into the recording process and background information for you to enjoy.«Una Follia di Napoli» – Concerti & Sinfonie per Flauto, anno 1725

Domenico Sarro (1679 – 1744)
Concerto 11 in A minor
Alessandro Scarlatti (1660 – 1725)
Improvisation upon the Partite «Follia di Spagna»
Nicola Fiorenza (1700 – 1764)
Sinfonia in A minor
Domenico Scarlatti (1685 – 1757)
Sinfonia 1 in A major
Francesco Barbella (1692 – 1732)
Concerto 3 in C major
Francesco Mancini (1672 – 1732)
Sonata 11 in G minor
Leonardo Leo (1694 – 1744)
Concerto in G major

Maurice Steger: recorder and direction
Fiorenza de Donatis: violin

Andrea Rognoni violin
Anaïs Chen violin
Stefano Marcocchi viola
Mauro Valli violoncello & violoncello piccolo
Vanni Moretto double bass
Brigitte Gasser violetta, viola da gamba & lirone
Naoki Kitaya harpsichord & organ
Daniele Caminiti theorbo, baroque guitar & archlute
Margit Übellacker psalterium

Recorded November 21-26, 2011 (CD), January 2012 (DVD)

Reformed church of Arlesheim, Switzerland

Recording Engineer, Session Producer & Editor: Christian Sager (www.sagerrecords.ch)

DVD producers: Joël Cormier and Diego Saldiva

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Classical CD: Mr. Corelli in London

Arcangelo Corelli’s Opus 5 in the orchestral edition
by Francesco Xaverio Geminiani (1687–1762)
and ornamented versions of severall Eminent Masters

www.corelliproject.eu »

Sample 1
Sample 2

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harmonia mundi – 2010 – HMU 90 75 23

Maurice Steger recorder
The English Concert
Laurence Cumming harpsichord & leader

Reorder virtuoso Maurice Steger presents a dazzling programme of concertos fashioned by the English adherents of Arcangelo Corelli from the Italian master’s visionnary Violin Sonatas op. 5.
“Maurice Steger is clearly already a world-class musician. … He uses his astonishing technique in the service of music, he clearly belives in passionately.” Musicvision
1. Concerto per flauto no.10
in F major / Fa majeur / F-dur

2. Concerto per flauto no.8
in E minor / mi mineur / e-moll

3. The Favorite Gigg in Corelli’s 5.th Solo
in G minor / sol mineur / g-moll

4. Concerto grosso after Corelli’s ‘La Follia’
in D minor / ré mineur / d-moll

5. Concerto per flauto no.4
in F major / Fa majeur / F-dur

6. Concerto per flauto no.7
in D minor / ré mineur / d-moll

7. Ground upon the Sarabanda theme
of the 7.th Sonata

harmonia mundi usa
Recorded July 2009, All Hallows’ Gospel Oak, London, England
Executive Producer: Robina G. Young
Session Producer & Editor: Christian Sager, www.sagersounds.ch
Recording Engineer: Brad Michel
Texts: Erin Helyard & Maurice Steger
Photos: Marco Borggreve, Richard Haugthon, Sheila Rock

Classical CD: Venezia 1625

Sonate, Symphonie, Ciaccone, Canzone & Toccate
by G.B. Fontana, M. Uccellini, B. Storace, T. Merula, S. Rossi, D. Castello, A. Piccinini

Sample 1
Sample 2

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harmonia mundi – 2009 – HMC 90 20 24

Maurice Steger recorder & direction
Hille Perl viola da gamba
Lee Santana chitarrone
Naoki Kitaya
organ & harpsichord
Sergio Ciomei
harpsichord & organ
Thomas Boysen
theorbo & baroque guitar
Mauro Valli
Margret Köll
baroque harp
Thor-Harald Johnsen
baroque guitar
Sabrina Frey
Eva Borhi
Christian Beuse
Stefan Temmingh
Peter Barczi

Venice, 1625: the city of the doges is one of the principal artistic centres of Europe. At the Cappella San Marco, a profoundly original style of instrumental music is in the process of discarding all reference to the tradition of vocal polyphony. The era of Baroque stravaganze has begun! Now, in the hands of a supreme master of the recorder, this ultra-virtuosic art acquires a new lease of life.

1. Giovanni Battista Fontana (16. Jh. – 1630)
Sonata II a Violino solo

2. Marco Uccellini (1603 – 1680)
Symphonia XX La Virmingarda per poter sonare a due, a tre, a quattro conferme piacerà

3. Marco Uccellini (1603 – 1680)
Sonata XXVI sopra la Prosperina a 3. Doi Violini e Basso

4. Marco Uccellini (1603 – 1680)
Aria sopra la Bergamasca a 2 canti

5. Giovanni Battista Fontana (16. Jh. – 1630)
Sonata III a Violino solo

6. Bernardo Storace (17. Jh.)
Improvisation sopra la Ciaccona Intavolatura per cimbalo

7. Tarquinio Merula (1590/95 – 1665)
Chiaccona Canzone a 2 Violini, e a 3 col Violone

8. Giovanni Battista Fontana (16. Jh. – 1630)
Sonata IV a Violino solo

9. Marco Uccellini (1603 – 1680)
Symphonia XIV La Foschina per poter sonare a due, a tre, a quattro conferme piacerà

10. Salomone Rossi (1570 ? – ca. 1630)
Sinfonia XI in eco a tre voci

11. Dario Castello (frühes 17. Jh.)
Sonata II a Sopran solo

12. Marco Uccellini (1603 – 1680)
Symphonia XVII La Stucharda per poter sonare a due, a tre, a quattro conferme piacerà

13. Tarquinio Merula (1590/95 – 1665)
Canzon XVII La Monteverde a 2. Violino e Violone

14. Tarquinio Merula (1590/95 – 1665)
Canzon La Pighetta a 2. Violino e Violone

15. Alessandro Piccinini (1566–1638)
Toccata 2 Intavolatura di chitarrone

16. Giovanni Battista Fontana (16. Jh. – 1630)
Sonata 6 a Violino solo

17. Tarquinio Merula (1590/95 – 1665)
Canzon La Strada a 3. Doi Violini e Violone

18. Marco Uccellini (1603 – 1680)
Sonata II detta la Luciminia contenta a violino solo

harmonia mundi s.a.
Recording april 2008, church St. Peter, Zürich, Switzerland
Artistic director, sound & editing: Christian Sager, www.sagersounds.ch
Texts: Denis Morrier & Maurice Steger
Photos Maurice Steger: Marco Borggreve / harmonia mundi 2009

Classical CD: Sammartini; Sonate per flauto e basso continuo

Maurice Steger and his group of outstanding musicians introduce the most beautiful sonates by the unknown Giuseppe Sammartini.

Sample 1
Sample 2

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Sonate per flauto e basso continuo
Sonates pour flùte à bec

harmonia mundi – 2007 – HMC 905266

Maurice Steger flûtes à bec & direction
Sergio Ciomei
clavecin & orgue
Margret Köll
Mauro Valli
Christian Beuse
Eduardo Egüez
théorbe & guitare
Naoki Kitaya

His brother, Giovanni Battista, was one of the fathers of the modern symphony; like him and like their father Alexis de Saint-Martin, Giuseppe Sammartini was a virtuoso oboist. But he chose to make his career at the court of the Prince of Wales, in London.
Surrounded by a group of exceptional musicians, Maurice Steger gives us a chance to discover seven of his sonatas for recorder and continuo, which, though composed in England, clearly proclaim their Italian origins! A treat fort he ears, and a dazzling display of virtuosity.

Sonate op.2 n° 3 en mi mineur / E minor / e-moll
1 Allegro (3’43) – 2 Andante (3’32) – 3 Minuet (2’09)

Sonate n° 21 en Si bémol majeur / B flat major / B-dur
4 (Allegro) (2’33) – 5 Adagio (2’26) – 6 Allegro (2’55)

Sonate op.2 n° 4 en Sol majeur / G major / G-dur
7 Andante (3’17) – 8 Allegro (2’50) – 9 Affetuoso (2’22) – 10 Allegro assai (2’25)

Sonate n°23 en Fa majeur / F major / F-dur
11 Andante (5’15) – 12 Allegro – Adagio – Allegro – Adagio – Allegro (4’09)
13 Adagio (2’08) – 14 Andante (3’32)

Sonate op.13 n°5 en sol mineur / G minor / g-moll
15 Andante (3’48) – 16 Presto (1’30) – 17 Minuetto 1 – Minuetto 2 (2’39)

Sonate op.13 n°1 en Sol majeur / G major / G-dur
18 Andante (2’41) – 19 Allegro assai (3’40) – 20 Adagio (0’45) – 21 Allegro assai (2’02)

Sonate op.13 n°4 en Sol Majeur / G major / G-dur
22 Andante (5’05) – 23 Allegro (3’15) – Adagio (1’22) – Minuet (2’20)

Enregistrement pour harmonia mundi s.a., Mas de Vert, F-13200 Arles © 2007
Direction artistique / Aufnahmeleiter : Thomas Engel
Prise de son et montage / Tonmeister und Editing: Christian Sager, www.sagersounds.ch
Maintenance et accord des claviers / Betreuung der Tasteninstrumente : Markus Krebs et Edwin Meier
Texte / Bookletinformation : Karsten Erik Ose

Classical CD: Telemann; Blockflöten-Werke

Maurice Steger and ‘Akademie für alte Musik Berlin’ performe Georg Philipp Telemann.

Sample 1
Sample 2

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harmonia mundi – 2006 – HMC 901917

Maurice Steger recorder
Akademie für alte Musik Berlin

Some of the nicest compositions of Telemann

Maurice Steger and the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin have realized together a CD project which devotes itself to the works of Georg Philipp Telemann.

Probably written between 1707 an 1725, the works by Telemann presented on this recording are not united only by the presence of a solo recorder. They also offer an eloquent testimony to that typically German hybrid style composed of French, Italian and native elements. The celebrated “Maritime Overture” called “Hamburg Ebb und Flow” stands out as perhaps one of the most accomplished orchestral works Telemann ever produced.

The Suite in a Minor for recorder, strings and basso continuo must have been written between 1710 an 1715. It is thus among the earliset examples of a mixe genere devised in Germany: the concertante overture-suite, in which elements of Italian concerto form are combined with formal and stylistic patterns taken from the French orchestral suite. At the centre of the work lies a large-scale instrumental da capo aria, entitled “Air à l’Italien”, in which the solo recorder is required to behave like an operatic diva.

Fomally speaking, the Concerto in C major for recorder, strings and basso continuo might be seen as an Italianate counterpart to the Frenchified Suite in A minor. Its mature style an galant features identify it as a work from around 1720 or later.
In terms of content, too, Telemann, succeeds in preserving an almost chamber musical subtlety, even when he places high technical and musical demands on the soloist. Hence this concerto, brimming with attractive sonorities and catchy melodies, turns out to be a showpiece for the “mixed taste” extolled by German music theorists of the eighteenth century.

Classical CD: Telemann; Flötenquartette (Flute Quartets)

Die Musica Antiqua Köln unter Reinhard Goebel spielte die Flötenquartette von Georg Philipp Telemann ein.

Sample 1
Sample 2

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The Musica Antiqua Köln and Reinhard Goebel recorded the flute quartets by Georg Philipp Telemann. You will listen to sonatas in different instrumentations – for the first time an integral production of the quartets with a flute instrument (three of the works attribute to the recorder, four of them to the transverse flute.

Maurice Steger
Verena Fischer
transverse flute
Reinhard Goebel
violine and viola
Diego Nadra
Stephan Schardt
Klaus-Dieter Brandt
Léon Berben


Read the article [pdf] » by Andrea Hechtenberg

Children CD: Pinocchio and the recorder player

The new musical fairy tale for children.
Written and told by Jolanda Steiner, composed by Viktor Fortin, played by Maurice Steger, recorder and Musikkollegium Winterthur.


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Maurice Steger recorder and conductor
Jolanda Steiner narrator
Musikkollegium Winterthur
Author: Jolanda Steiner
Music: Viktor Fortin
Illustration: Beat Zihlmann
Graphic design: Urs J. Guggisberg

Music Recording: 24 – 25 February 2011, Stadthaus Winterthur
Sound engineer and manager: Joël Cormier
sound equipment: Heinz Affolter

Voice Recording: 29 June 2011, Lakeside Recording Studio, Eich, Heinz Affolter
Mastering, Mix: Heinz Affolter, Jolanda Steiner, Maurice Steger

CD 278 551-9 | 978-3-03725-034-1
2011 Universal Music Switzerland GmbH

Children CD: Tino Flautino and the magic melody

A musical fairy tale for children.
Written and told by Jolanda Steiner (Swiss German), composed by Rodolphe Schacher, played by Maurice Steger, recorder and Musikkollegium Winterthur


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Geschrieben und erzählt von Jolanda Steiner (schweizerdeutsch)
Komponiert von Rodolphe Schacher
Gespielt von Maurice Steger, Blockflöte als Prinz Tino Flautino
Musikkollegium Winterthur
Marc Kissóczy Dirigent
Musikalisches Konzept: Maurice Steger
Idee und Realisation: Thomas Pfiffner
Aufnahmeleitung, Balance Engineer und Masterin: Peter Laenger, Markus Heiland, Maskus Nagorni
Sorachaufnahmen Heinz Affolter, Lakeside Recording Studio£
Illustration: Sibylle Heusser
Text und Erzählung: Jolanda Steiner
Musik: Rodophe Schacher
Maurice Steger Blockflöte
Musikkollegium Winterthur, Marc Kissóczy
Maurice Steger spielt auf Blockflöten von Küng Blockflötenbau Schaffhausen
Lehrmittelverlag des Kantons Zürich
ISBN 978-3-03713-301-9


Children CD: Tino Flautino

A musical fairy tale for children. Written and told by Jolanda Steiner (Swiss German). Music by Maurice Steger, Recorder

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A musical fairy tale for children. Written and told by Jolanda Steiner (Swissgerman). Music by Maurice Steger, Recorder

Zürcher Kammerorchester
Howard Griffiths Dirigent

Maurice Steger / Jolanda Steiner
Philips / Universal Music CD 476 111-0
Philips / Universal Music MC 476 116-1

Classical CD: Maurice Steger: Portrait

Robert Carr, Francesco Mancini, Henry Purcell, Antonio Vivaldi and other composers.


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(collected by Sir NICOLAS LE STRANGE ca. 1624)
The Temple anticke 1
The Fairy Masque (by Robert Johnson)
Gray’s Inn or Cuperaree (by Giovanni Coperario)
The L. Zouches Maske (by Giles Farnaby)

Robert Carr (d. 1686): AN ITALIAN GROUND
Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741): CONCERTO IN F MAJOR, RV 434 “Tutti gli instrumenti sordini”
John Hilton (1599-1673): FANTASIE IN G MINOR
Georg Pilipp Telemann (1681-1767): SONATINA IN C MINOR
Marco Uccellini (1603-1680): ARIA SOPRA “LA BERGAMASCA”
Francesco Mancini (1672-1737): SONATA IV IN A MINOR
Antonio Vivaldi CONCERTO IN A MINOR, RV 108
Georg Philipp Telemann FANTASIA I IN A MAJOR
Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Mealli (fl. 1660-69): SONATA I “LA BERNABEA”
Henry Purcell (1659-1695): A NEW GROUND

Maurice Steger Recorder
Naoki Kitaya Cembalo Harpsichord, Virginal & Organ

Diego Fasolis Direction & Organ
Duilio Galfetti Violin & Mandolin
Marco Bianchi Violin
Marco Testori Cello
Martin Zeller Cello
Guido Balestracci Violone
Lorenz Duftschmid Viola da Gamba
Roberto Sensi Violone
Yasunori Imamura Theorbo & Guitar
Eric Bellocq Lute & Theorbo
Brian Feehan Theorbo
Irene Müller-Glasewald Harpsichord
Martina Schobersberger Virginal & Organ

Recorded by Nicolas Bartholomée, Christian Sager & Ulrich Ruscher
Produced by Andreas Werner
Designed by Christoph Dütschler

Maurice Steger – Portrait
Claves CD 50-2208
The portraits series at mid-price

Maurice Steger’s five recordings for Claves Records have received unanimous acclaim from critics around the world and have been awarded a number international prizes. This special portrait of the artist features a personal selection from these five gems and is a fascinating document of his art.

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Classical CD: Telemann; Solos & Trios

Georg Philipp Telemann 1681- 1767

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Telemann: Solos & Trio Sonatas

Sonatina in C Moll für Blockflöte und Basso continuo

Sonatina in C Minor for Recorder and Basso continuo
Sonata in C Major for Recorder and Basso continuo
Fantasia I in A Major for Solo Flute
Trio Sonata in A Minor for Recorder, Violin and Basso continuo
Trio Sonata in B-Flat Major for Recorder, obbligato Harpsichord and Basso continuo
Trio Sonata in F Major for Recorder, Viola da Gamba and Basso continuo
Sonatina in A Minor for Recorder and Basso continuo
Fantasia VIII in E Minor for Solo Flute
Trio Sonata in D Minor for Recorder, Violin and Basso continuo

Maurice Steger recorder
Naoki Kitaya harpsichord
Hanna Weinmeister violon
Rainer Zipperling cello and gamba
Brian Feehan theorbo
Käthi Gohl cello
Markus Märkl harpsichord

Georg Philipp Telemann 1681­1767
Claves CD 50-2112

Philipp Telemann enjoyed an outstanding reputation and overwhelming popularity during his lifetime, earning even greater acclaim than J.S. Bach or G.F. Händel. Johann Mattheson, the most prolific music critic of the times, stated that “we can acclaim Lully and extol Corelli, but only Telemann is above all praise”. Telemann’s music represents the combination of elements from the maniera italiana (lyrical, singing style in arioso cantilenas and ebullient, joyful acrobatics in virtuoso passages) with the French bon goût. Nearly all of Telemann’s compositions are characterized by this goût mêlé, this “mixed taste”, from his opulent orchestral suites to his chamber music compositions for small ensembles. This recording features a representative selection of works from his repertoire for recorder. They range from the formal settings of four-movement sonatas to freely conceived fantasies for flatuo solo. A number of slow, lyrical pieces embody the ideals of the Italian bel canto, whereas daring solo passages reflect the models of Italian violin virtuosos. The movements with a dance-like character, on the other hand, illustrate the French influences, and fugato pieces in which imitative counterpoint is employed call forth Telemann’s German contrapuntal heritage. A number of movements also vividly portray the composer’s more humorous side (such as the Spirituoso from the Fantasia in C Minor). These brilliant Baroque masterpieces are performed by Swiss recorder virtuoso Maurice Steger and the Baroque Continuo Consort led by Naoki Kitaya.

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Classical CD: Vivaldi; Concerti

Antonio Vivaldi 1678 – 1741


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Antonio Vivaldi (1678 – 1741)

Concertos for Recorder and Orchestra

Concerto RV 428, ‘Il Gardellino’
Concerto RV 442, ‘Tutti gli istrumenti sordini’
Concertos RV 437, RV 155, RV 108, RV 438, RV 127

Maurice Steger Recorders
I Barocchisti
Diego Fasolis Conductor

5 Diapason, Paris; 10 de Répertoire, Paris; Selection Swiss
Radio International

Claves CD 50-2010

The concertos on this recording by Antonio Vivaldi, il prete rosso, represent a sounded mirror of their time. They offer a full gamut of vivid examples of the concerto’s various forms and means of expression, from the chirruping and twittering of a goldfinch in “Il Gardellino” (in which the goldfinch is personified for the first time with a flautino in d’’), to the soulful lamentation of the muted strings in the full orchestra, to a number of relatively unknown compositions in the galant style. This is a colorful and diverse portrayal not only of the virtuoso style of 18th century Venetian instrumental music, but of the remarkable brilliance of the city itself. Recorder virtuoso Maurice Steger is internationally renown for his innovative and brilliant interpretations of Italian (and English) Baroque music. His unique concerts with specialized Baroque ensembles have earned him regular invitations to festivals, concert series and radio broadcasts throughout Europe. His performances with the Baroque orchestra “I Barocchisti” (16 musicians) under the direction of conductor Diego Fasolis were overwhelming successes. Their concerts were marked by a typical “Latin” balance between dynamic virtuosity and sensual lyricism; this resulting recording provides vivid and convincing testimony. 48-pages illustrated booklet with notes in English, German, French, Italian

Classical CD: La Castella

«La Castella» – Virtuoso Instrumental Music


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La Castella

Baroque Virtuoso Music for Recorder
Marco Uccellini 1603­1680
Arcangelo Corelli 1653­1713
Giovanni A. Pandolfi Mealli ca. 1660
Benedetto Marcello 1686­1739
Dario Castello early 17th century
Francesco Mancini 1672­1737
Marco Uccellini 1603­1680
Antonio Vivaldi 1678­1741

Maurice Steger recorders Continuo Consort,
Naoki Kitaya leader

Claves CD 50-9809

Italian Baroque Virtuoso Instrumental Music Maurice Steger, Continuo Consort, Naoki Kitaya The recorder (that is, the family of instruments in various sizes and ranges) was perhaps the most popular instrument among amateur musicians during the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as the instrument championed by a select group of renowned virtuosos. Who composed music for this sweet-sounding wind instrument in Italy during this period? Were arrangements from other genres popular at the time? How did the substantial changes in construction, intonation and sonority that the recorder underwent during influence musical style? Recorder virtuoso Maurice Steger and his continuo consort under the direction of Naoki Kitaya provide vivid and beautiful answers to such questions with this, their third recording for Claves Records. Works by composers Arcangelo Corelli, Benedetto Marcello, Antonio Vivaldi, Marco Uccellini, Dario Castello, Francesco Mancini and Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Mealli are featured, played with the ensemble’s acclaimed blend of historical authenticity and modern spirit. Maurice Steger’s two previous recordings, “An Italian Ground” with Baroque music for recorders in the Italian style (CD 50-9407) and “An English Collection”, featuring music for recorders as performed in London around 1700 (CD 50-9614), have been acclaimed by critics and distinguished with international awards.

Classical CD: An English Collection

G.F. Händel, M. Locke, G. Sammartini, J. Hilton.


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An Englisch Collection
Works by G.F. Händel, M. Locke, G. Sammartini, J. Hilton and Anonymous Composers
A program featuring English court, dance and informal music as well as sonatas by foreign visitors in London around 1730 who were all active in Handel’s orchestra.

Maurice Steger recorders, Continuo Consort
Naoki Kitaya leader

Séléction Swiss Radio International

“An English Collection” with Maurice Steger, recorders, and the Continuo Consort The esteem in which the recorder in England was held in the 16th to 18th centuries can be attributed mainly to foreign immigrants who greatly influenced musical life in London: Händel, Geminiani, Sammartini, Dieupart, etc. Maurice Steger’s gift of presenting early music in a new light is demonstrated once again on his second compact disc for Claves Records: “An English Collection: Baroque Instrumental Music In The English Style”. One of the recorder virtuoso’s principal interests “is the acclimatization or adaptation of ancient music to contemporary times. Our goal is not to reconstruct exactly ‘fossils’ from the past, but to make past forms of musical experiences possible given current cultural ‘constraints’.” Steger and his international continuo consort (Naoki Kitaya, harpsichord, organ and direction; Yasunori Imamura and Eric Bellocq, theorbes; Guido Balestracci, viola da gamba; Roberto Sensi, violin, Irene Müller-Glasewald, harpsichord; Christian Sager, percussion) perform works by Händel, Purcell, Locke, Sammartini, Hilton, and others early music in an expressive, vibrant style.

44-page booklet in 3 languages (English, German, French)

Classical CD: An Italian Ground

Baroque Recorder Music by G.B. Fontana, A. Piccinini, F. Rognoni Taeggio, G. Paolo Cima, T. Hume, M. Locke, A. Vivaldi, D.o Scarlatti, G. Sammartini, R. Carr.


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An Italian Ground

Baroque Recorder Music by G.B. Fontana, A. Piccinini, F. Rognoni Taeggio, G. Paolo Cima, T. Hume, M. Locke, A. Vivaldi, D.o Scarlatti, G. Sammartini, R. Carr

Maurice Steger recorder
Naoki Kitaya harpsichord and organ
Brian Feehan theorbo
Lorenz Duftschmid viola da gamba

Selection Swiss Radio International

An Italian Ground
Maurice Steger, Recorders

Claves is pleased to present the first recording featuring the young Swiss recorder virtuoso Maurice Steger, a production which is also the first recording in the “Tibor Varga Foundation Hall” in Sion (Switzerland). Steger and his international ensemble (Naoki Kitaya, harpsichord and positive organ / Brian Feehan, theorbo / Lorenz Duftschmid, viola da gamba) perform works by Vivaldi, Sammartini, Fontana, Locke and others on historical instruments. Their selection of Baroque instrumental music in the Italian style places special emphasis on the relationship between Italy and England. Maurice Steger’s lively, expressive, “modern” interpretations breathe new life into this music. The form of the ground provides the unifying point for traditional elements and the spirit of these contemporary artists.

Claves CD 50-9407