An impressive recorder collection – more than 70 instruments.

On the CD «Una Follia di Napoli» you can hear six different recorders, played by Maurice Steger and accompanied by a baroque ensemble with the best specialits for Italian Baroque music. There are five alto recorders and one soprano recorder in different pitch and built after different baroque models, to be even more precise.

The alto recorders on the CD were all built by Swiss recorder master (“Maître Flutier”) Ernst Meyer, the soprano recorder by another specialist from Switzerland, Heinz Ammann. The original instruments were built by J. Denner and P.I. Bressan in the 18th century. The wood used to craft the recorders were ivory, boxwood and grenadil (African Blackwood).

Grenadil (African Blackwood)

Depending on the key the music pieces are written in, different recorders are needed to match the accompanying instruments. Also, there are different pitches depending on the kind of orchestra one is playing with (baroque original instruments are pitched in 415 hertz, wile modern orchestras using modern instruments are pitched in 440 hertz). In addition, the room also requires different instruments. If the concert hall is small, the recorder needs to be different than in a big concert hall like the Royal Albert Hall, for instance.

If you add all this up, a professional recorder with a large repertoire needs a large selection of instruments to truly being able to play in a perfect way. Maurice Steger has more than 70 recorders, while an advanced student of his might have a collection of already 15 to 20.